Practical tips for painting your house

DIY painting is a great way to save money. Painting your house can be a fairly smooth and easy process, with the right knowledge, tools and supplies. In fact, it is one DIY home improvement job that just about anyone can do.

If you're new to the world of DIY painting, you need to begin by understanding the basics. There are proven strategies that you should draw on, not only to make the job easier but also to ensure that you like the end result. These DIY painting basics will focus on the preparatory phase of your painting job, suggesting tools and techniques you should be familiar with.

Prepare for Your DIY Painting Project

Here are some helpful tips to make the preparatory phase of your painting project easier:

First, take some time to examine the surfaces to be painted. Are there popped or damaged nails? If so, replace them. Also, you will need to fill empty nail holes before you begin painting. Similarly, if you have areas where the drywall is damaged or the plaster is cracked, you will need to fix these as part of your home painting prep.


Next, you're going to want to prepare your surfaces for painting by scrubbing and sanding them to make sure they're smooth and even. If the wall is covered with numerous layers of old paint, you may also need to scrape these away. The telltale sign that a wall needs to be scraped before you can paint it is the appearance of intersecting cracks. Sometimes called "alligator cracks," these need to be carefully removed layer by layer to ensure the surface is ready for its new coat of paint.

The final preparatory step is masking. Use masking tape to protect surfaces which you do not want to paint. You must be very careful when applying masking tape to make sure that there is no gap between the wall and the surface you're trying to protect. Painting pads can also be a boon to your efforts to corner sharply; it's recommended that you pick these up from your local home improvement retailer.

Now that you've got the basics covered, you're ready to move on and learn some basic and advanced painting techniques.