Landscaping Tips

Helpful landscaping advice for novices

Landscaping elements add beauty and value to your home, and simple but effective projects can quickly change the look and feel of both your front yard and back yard. If you'd like to get started with some exterior landscaping projects but don't know where to start, there are several strategies you can use to focus your ideas. They include planning and garden layouts, basic gardening tips, and understanding the sheer range of options you have available.

Landscaping Advice for Beginners

Gardens are far and away the most popular home landscaping project, and if you're new to gardening, proper planning will take you a long way towards achieving success with your projects. Creating an outdoor landscape plan requires that you decide in advance exactly where you're going to place your gardens and exactly what plants you're going to grow. Here, it's crucial that you take fundamental factors such as sun exposure and climate into consideration, and remember that sunlight patterns will shift as the seasons change.

Your region's hardiness zone is one of the most crucial considerations to make when choosing plants. Stick to plants and flowers which are certain to thrive in your area, and be sure to consult an expert at your local nursery if you have any questions about a given plant's hardiness.

If you're planting flowers, carefully weigh the relative benefits of annuals, biennials and perennials. Annuals require the most upkeep, as you'll have to replace them year after year. However, they do afford you the opportunity to change the look of your garden on a yearly basis. Biennials offer a best-of-both-worlds solutions if you want to reduce labor intensiveness while still enjoying variety, and perennials are ideal if you want to plant your garden once but reap the benefits year after year.

Also, remember that hedges, trees, shrubs and gardens are by no means your only landscaping options. Other projects to consider include:

  • Water features
  • Rock gardens
  • Front yard and back yard pathways
  • Garden structures, including pergolas, gazebos and archways

The sky is the limit when it comes to landscaping, so get creative, have fun and get some fresh air and sunshine while you're at it!