Updating Your Kitchen Décor

Is your kitchen in a rut?

While enhancing functionality is the primary objective of many kitchen renovations, aesthetic overhauls do just as much to ensure the project adds value to your home. Updating your kitchen décor can be a lot of fun, as it gives you the opportunity to get creative and put a unique stamp on this all-important room. It can also be a very economical way to increase the resale value of your home, as relatively simple adjustments can make a major difference.

Four Ways to Update Your Kitchen Décor

The four main ways in which you can update your kitchen's décor:

  • New kitchen countertops. Replacing your old countertops is a great investment, and it will have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of the room. Popular countertop options include stainless steel, wood, marble and granite, but each of these materials has inherent properties and advantages and disadvantages you should take into careful consideration before making your choice.
  • Kitchen cabinet lighting. The bottoms of your cabinets offer an excellent place to boost the amount of lighting in your kitchen without taking up any more space. This is an excellent idea if your cabinets hang over your countertops and food prep areas, as task lighting is essential to any well-functioning kitchen.
  • Replacing or refacing cabinets. Refacing outdated cabinets is an easy, inexpensive way to update your kitchen décor. In fact, unless you need to add more storage space, it usually isn't necessary or economically worthwhile to replace your cabinets outright. You can also add deep drawers and spice racks, wine racks and pot racks if you want to boost storage space.
  • New kitchen appliances. Most times, your old appliances just won't look right in your new kitchen. Upgrading to new appliances is an excellent investment, as today's energy-efficient fridges, stoves and dishwashers can take a bite out of your household electricity consumption and help you save on your utility costs.

Investing in these four areas will dramatically transform the look of your kitchen, as well as its functionality. They're all great ideas if you're looking to increase your home's value while updating the look of your kitchen space.