Installing Home Security Systems

Best practices in security systems for home owners

Security camera systems are a highly effective deterrent against crime, as the mere presence of a camera is enough to scare off most would-be thieves. Given the affordability of today's digital imaging technologies, it doesn't cost a lot to set up wireless security cameras or CCTV surveillance systems at your home. Law enforcement experts strongly recommend security systems for home owners, as images and video are among the very best forms of evidence you can present to police if you are ever victimized by a break-in.

DIY Home Surveillance Systems

Because exact installation procedures vary significantly depending on the technology you choose, and because manufacturers always include detailed installation instructions with their products, focus instead on understanding best practices in setting up wireless security cameras or CCTV surveillance systems. You need to deploy these technologies effectively for them to have the kind of impact that makes for a worthwhile investment.

Follow these best practices:

  • Be sure to cover all primary entryways to your home, remembering that thieves may also come in through windows.
  • Primary cameras should be visible to thieves, as they're far more likely to abandon their intentions of robbing your home if they know they're being filmed or photographed while doing so.
  • Make sure there is camera coverage in all interior rooms. Choose a position for the camera which gets the widest possible view of the room; ideally, point them towards entryways to increase your chances of catching an intruder's face on camera.
  • Make sure there's adequate lighting in the areas where the cameras are mounted so that images are usable. If there's insufficient lighting in a key area, add some. Motion detecting lights are ideal companions for home security cameras.
  • Remember: you can use motion detecting lights both inside and outside your home.

Finally, if you can't afford to invest in a wireless security camera or CCTV surveillance system, consider creating the illusion that your home is guarded by cameras. Purchase webcams or empty CCTV camera bodies, and mount them at strategic points around the exterior of your home. Signage indicating that your home is protected by security cameras will add to the effectiveness of this strategy. This is an inexpensive and powerful way to provide an extra level of security against burglars.