All about DIY doors

Doors can add a lot of character to a house, and while most people purchase them ready-made, one of the best ways to put your signature on your home is to make your own doors. With the right tools and know-how, you can shape, stain and customize your own doors. You'll make a statement and beautify your home at the same time!

Here are the things you will need if you want to make DIY doors:

  • Luon wood and 1 x 4 lengths of plywood
  • Glue
  • Doorknobs
  • Hinges
  • Brad-style nails
  • Doorknob

How to Make DIY Doors

Follow these steps to make your own door:

  1. Take accurate measurements of the door frame. Double-check your figures; even slight errors can cause major problems.
  2. Cut two side rails, making them ¼ inch shorter than the height of the frame.
  3. Cut top and bottom rails, making them 6 inches narrower than the width of the frame.
  4. Cut your luon wood sheets so they fit the frame you made in the preceding two steps.
  5. Glue the luon wood sheets to the door frame, and use brad nails to secure them.
  6. Doors
  7. Sand down the sides and edges of the door, once the glue has dried. In most cases, you will need to allow 24 to 48 hours for the glue to dry complete.
  8. Install the hinges along one side of the door. Some doors have two hinges, while others have three. Check the frame to make sure you don't buy hinges you don't need.
  9. Cut a circular hole for your doorknob.
  10. Attach the doorknob. In most cases, all you'll have to do is place the knob then screw its circular plate in place.
  11. Test the knob to make sure it's working properly.
  12. Mount the door in the frame and screw the hinges into place.

If you want to alter the appearance of the wood, you should do so before you hang the door. You'll find a wide range of wood stains and varnishes at your local home improvement retailer, one of which is sure to be the right match for your home's exterior.