Updating Your Bathroom Décor

Ideas for sprucing up your home's bathrooms

Bathroom décor draws on the principles of color, lighting and texture to create a unified look and mood for the room. Typically, bathrooms are decorated in cool or neutral colors, making heavy use of whites, creams, greys and light blues, which can be offset by darker bordering elements. This enhances the effect of natural light in the room while making the space seem larger than it actually is.

In terms of lighting, keep these principles in mind:

  • Be sure to provide plenty of bright task lighting around vanity areas
  • Don't forget to provide lighting in the bath/shower area
  • Link the main overhead light to an exhaust fan to clear odors and control humidity

Next, think about texture. Most DIY experts recommend favoring soft and luxurious textures in the bathroom. Select linens which match the overall color strategy you've chosen as well.

More Bathroom Décor Tips

Here are some more tips to keep in mind when planning your bathroom décor:

  • Have your color scheme finalized before picking out your new bathroom fixtures. You don't want your fixtures to clash with the rest of the décor.
  • Add new bathroom cabinets if you need to increase storage space; remember that you can hang them on the walls if floor space is at a premium. You can never have too much storage space in a bathroom, and boosting its storage capacity will greatly increase the room's functionality.
  • When considering new bathroom appliances, try to work within the existing plumbing infrastructure and keep in mind that electrical outlets need to be carefully placed away from water sources and metal pipes to keep the room safe and up to code.

If you're electing to add wallpaper to your bathroom, it's generally best to choose subdued prints with subtle patterns. Busy patterns can make the space seem cramped, and can be very distracting. Finally, be sure to create a demarcated space for everything you want to keep in the bathroom. You can maximize countertop space by using canisters and bins for storing toiletries and other bathroom essentials, which helps you maintain an optimal balance between utility and functionality.